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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  August 6, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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slow growth. that's how it's been performing. >> all right. thank you very much, gang. that is it for forbes on fox. keep it right here. the number one business block continues with eric bowling. the president is forward leaning in advance of the nuclear deal of even being completed and acknowledging that we know iran supports terrorism. we know that iran supports hezbollah and the assad regime. and it certainly is possible that some of the money that iran has is being used for those purposes, too. >> wow. the white house admitting the money we're giving iran will likely end up in the hands of terroris terrorists and they still sent it anyway. the shocking revelation as critics call the payment too to iran a ransom to get our prisoners back. are we playing a costly game? welcome into our "crashing in
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crew" this week. welcome, everybody. rick, the obama administration admitting that they know some of the money will likely end up in the hands of terrorists yet they give it to them anyway. why? >> it's totally unexplainable. for anyone to say we owe them this money or it was their money, what they forget in the preceding 39 years since the dispute started is that iran has killed u.s. servicemen and women. they have killed americans. they have maimed our personnel. how in the world do you excuse killing of americans and say well we owe you money? so we're going to give this money back. we should have taken the -- we should have done with that $400 million is given it to victims of iran's terrorism. they are the number one state sponsored of terrorism. you don't give them money. >> can you believe that they admit they go to the podium and say we know the money will end
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up in terrorist's hands and we give it anyway. look, drug dealer -- think about the drug dealer on the street fuchlt owe him money or he has some of your money and gets busted dealing drugs, guess what? that money is gone. your money is gone, too. we should treat it the same way. >> that's right. i think it's just one word, weakness. weakness from this administration to con front iran. they negotiate an incredibly weak nuclear deal that the majority of americans don't even agree with. and then they proceed to move forward on the $400 million cash xlafrpg. not very transparent. the optics look awful. the mere fact you have one of the former hostages come out yesterday, this past weekend and basically say, look, they were saying we were waiting on hold in the plane waiting for another plane to come n it's all so fishy. it's just -- it just doesn't work, eric. i think for this administration, to even move forward and give them money when we know that
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they are sponsoring terrorism is just going against everything that america stands for. >> and "the wall street journal" reporter who broke this story said that the -- he found the department of justice, d.o.j., actually recommended to the state department not to send this money because it looked so bad. yet, they did it anyway. >> right. wait a day, wait a month, i don't know. but if they were going to do that day, eric, and if they had a clear conscience about it, why not press for that date? hey this looks suspicious. that's why we want to be up front and transparent as we said we would be and never have been and tell you we're going to do this. and your sister network reported that they paid one of the -- one of those released even said they -- the captors said we have to wait for the plane to land before we can even take off. they don't just think we're stupid, eric. >> don't worry. it's not ransom. you know how i know it's not ransom? preb said. so listen.
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>> we do not pay ransom. we don't here and we won't in the future. precisely because if we did, then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted. >> juan, it walks like a duck, quakz like a duck, that duck is quacking all the way to the bank. >> let me just say, i'm amazed this group does business with drug dealers and they're able to tell the audience about what you should do when your drug dealer is busted. but just say. that i'll move on. i have to say the president was transparent. they put out a press release, a press release in january announcing this money was being returned to the iranians and it was said at the time, guess what? this was their money. it's been held for 39 years as rick said number interest payment, no nothing. but because of the banking system and the problems that we have put in place in terms of sanctions against the iranians, the money was airlifted. that is the story this week. but in terms of ransom, we still have americans being held
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overseas. the united states does not pay ransom. so for all of your conspiracy theories -- >> hang on. 39 years. 1939. the money sitting there. that is 13,305 days between then and the day they gave them the money. happens to be the same exact day that four prisoners were released. some where being held around 5,000 days collectively. if you do the math on that, straight propability, you're likely to get struck by lite anyone and win the lottery at the same time. >> no one believes this was settled and the money delivered on the same day. look, what you need do is you need go back and look at the exact words of that press release when josh earnest briefed reporters. it is very clear. they say we settled this dispute, this long running dispute. and because we set thld dispute, it's going to create some diplomatic opportunities. that is what they said. it didn't create diplomatic
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opportunities. it created a payment immediately. the diplomatic opportunities happened within minutes of them paying this. >> right. >> it's not a diplomatic opportunity, juan. you need to look at their exact words. they were very clear about what they were doing. anyone like who you believes that and believes that americans can be killed in the preceding years is really fooling themselves that we owe this money to them. >> all twint say, given your background in the state department, you realize we didn't have conversations with the iranians. it was only in the course of this deal that the iranians nuclear deal. >> the point is it was only at that point we started having discussions. and that's why -- >>, no juan, that's where you're wrong. >> international court, rick, an international court was going to rule against the united states. we're going to have to return the money anyway. >> okay. look, you're missing the point. i get that if you set thld dispute and it was going to create some diplomatic
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opportunities to have additional discussions, that would have been great. that happened in one minute. it didn't happen by settling the dispute oh, now we have an opportunity to talk to iran. we settled this and the plane flew because we settled it. >> hold on. guys, hold on. i want to talk to you about this, though. this is $400 million. we're going to give another $1.3 billion in additional? we're going to give them $1.7 billion? >> yeah. i would take my chances with that in a court if i could be heard. i would say, hey, top sponsor of terror. once they kill us, we don't owe them anything anymore. i think all bets are off at that point. i don't think courts will vote for you. >> the other thing is we -- >> we already lost. >> and the other thing is you're talking about they're getting sanction relief, over $150 billion in sanction relief
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because of the deal. the fact that we're unfreezing the assets, the fact that the only ones that are hailing victim i have the iranians. they have sponsored terrorism. it is anti-american. it should be against our foreign policy to negotiate with dictators. that's why when hillary clinton goes after saying that donald trump is talking, negotiating with dictators this administration's policy is to cozy up with dictators in iran and cuba and i think it's a failed policy. it is not what we should be doing. >> ask israel. >> i got go. but if you're worried about donald trump's foreign policy and not worried about president obama and john kerry's foreign policy, you just may be a fool. we have to leave it. there coming up, president obama facing backlash for insulting donald trump in frond of a world leader. why the comments could be setting a dangerous press tent for america.
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unfit to serve as president. i said so last week. and he keeps on proving it. >> president obama calling donald trump unfit for the office and calling on republicans to revoke their endorse ments of them. that's no shocker. the president bashed trump who could be the successor in front of another world leader, the prime minister of singapore. folks like newt gingrich say this undermining the united states of america. what say you? >> it is 100% undermining the united states of america. not only that, it's ironic and especially in lifgt the seg mebt we just did, to look at this administration and this obama hillary administration who has hillary has lied under oath. she has risked the national security. the woman should be in prison and we know it. anyone that denies it is lying to themselves. you contrast that with like donald trump who has a record and does thing onz time, under budget. she has nothing to run on. so she has to use scare tactics
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to make the american people think he's somehow unfit. i think the american people are smarter. >> i'm going back. i can't remember a seeded president taking shots at a kabd date that's going to take over the -- that potentially could take over the office. that does undermine america, doesn't it? >> absolutely. president obama is like a moralist in chief. it's so not helpful and what it really does is it rallies the republicans to say, you know, what wh are republicans gob listening to probe saying are we really going to go your advice considering that the mess that we're in right now from a national security perspective, economic perspective, do we really want to follow in the tracks? i remember with george w. bush when the president left office he was very clear do stay out of politics and just really did not comment on the candidates who were running at the time. and i think that that's when you have to let the presidential candidates speak for themselves, hillary clinton speak for herself. it doesn't surprise me. he was in north carolina the day
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that james comey came out with a statement that hillary clinton was extremely careless. but then he was campaigning with her. doesn't find she's a threat to national security. it is such a double standard. >> why is that, juan? why is he willing to take shots at donald trump? is donald trump just, you know, what do they say, living rent free in obama's head? >> well, i think he's living rent free in all of our heads. boy, it's unbelievable he may be president. but you stop and think about it, eric this is a guy that says he didn't know what the nuclear triad is. this is a guy that not only denigrates a gold star mother but then he says he loves putin but he doesn't think that putin has done anything in cry mooer mia, not going in there and is told he's already in there. that's why donald trump's unfit. that's why the president of the united states, i think, acted responsibly and saying, listen, here's a reasonable judgement. this guy is not fit to handle the responsibilities of the highest office in the land, commander in chief. >> is that a fair assessment?
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is that's the president saying he doesn't want the candidates to be president because it would be dangerous for us? >> look, let me tell you what is an unfit person to be president, someone who thinks that we have 57 states. we have 50 states, juan. so here's the fact of the matter. we have countries around the world, leaders who stand up with the president or with other leaders and they are constantly thinking about the political parties back home, the opposition trying to go after them. there is an unwritten rule in the world affairs that your domestic politics do not interfere when you're the head of state. what president obama did in front of the singapore president is make america look weak and petty and obama look like he's very nervous about donald trump. he would love to shove hillary clinton aside and be candidate obama again. this is about obama's third term, make no mistake.
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and president obama every time he attacks donald trump is messaging that he's nervous about hillary clinton being able to beat donald trump. >> what about it? is that part of it, juan? they're very nervous about trump, are they not? >> i think everybody is nervous about trump. i think most of the country. in fact, my argument would be that you see now republicans like meg whitman and others saying i can't do. this you see the republican party at this moment. it's leadership. >> absolutely. >> it is over donald trump. >> no. >> you would like to have it oh, it's those crazy democrats. >> i agree with juan. i agree with juan. i think this is very bad for the republican party when you have paul ryan saying i'm not sure they're saying john mccain saying i'm not sure. there is a pennsylngressman who the other day, pennsylvania went -- i think every single county in pennsylvania voted for trump. and this guy said he can't vote for trump. they need to get their act together. i ran out of time. i'm sorry. coming up, remember when clinton would talk to an empty chair in the 2012 rnc?
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now dirty harry is dissing the culture in 2016. his fiery rant next.
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coming up, eastwood is blasting political correctness in america. he says there is way too much of it. is he
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live from america's election headquarters in washington, good saturday morning to you. i'm leland vittert. a pentagon official tells fox news that nearly half of the detainees remaining at guantanamo bay are slated for transfer. 34 of the 76 still there will be moved to other countries. critics say those folks will
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simply return to terrorism. president obama has said that those transferred so far are, quote, low level individuals. and a new provocation from china with its air force saying it has conducted a combat patrol over its manmade island in the south china sea. international tribunal recently rejected claims to virtually all of the south china sea. i'm leland vittert. more on those stories as well as politics at the top of the hour. i'll see you with elizabeth prann then. want to make my day and make dirty harry happy at the same time? then get off my lawn and stop being so damn pc. clint eastwood uncloseding on political correctness saying in part secretly everybody's getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. he went on to say everybody is walking on eggshells.
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he went on to say more things that can't say on saturday morning. is he right or wrong some. >> i think he's right. political correctness is damaging the american brand of rigid individualism. and the government says they is how you should think, this is how you should act. if you have an opinion on a controversial issue like the transgender bathroom issue, you better go about it the way the government is telling you to think. and it doesn't allow for the national dialogue that we need in many of these cultural war issues that we're seeing. >> so positithink about the las months. transgender bathroom is value dick toriance weren't allowed because it was offensive to those who weren't number one, safe spaces on college campuses.
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we're being bombarded with pc. >> it's forcing people to be dishonest. everyone knows that you need to be cordial. being unpc doesn't mean that you're rude, but it it does mean that you're being honest and direct and open. you know, liberals like to say, well, we need people who are more diplomatic. and i always take offense to that because to me diplomacy is about being an advocate, being forceful, yes, being respectful, but absolutely pushing your position in an open and honest way. >> juan, yyou do a lot of work n schools. academia is so pc, replacing algebra with diversity at a university in minnesota. are we overdoing it? >> i couldn't agree more. i think that we are to some extent overdoing it and i've written a book about being muslim myself, you can't say certain things without people
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throwing you out. but this as well, in this moment with donald trump running and donald trump going on about women in offensive way, going on about muslims in offensive ways, calling mexicans rapists, you say to yourself, well, rudeness, but that is over the line. when you say not pc, does that mean you're allowing people to owe depend others, to absolutely stigmatize others? i can't buy into that. if you're talking about pc and the rest of the panel has said we need honest discussion in this country, i'm with you. but don't push it to the point where you're excusing bad behavior. >> donald trump is anti-pc, we know he just says what he feels. he doesn't worry about that. but in a sense that's what is resonating with his voting base, right? >> it is. 70% of voters say that they want less political correctness in our government. and you can choose between a packaged plastic politician who
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teleprompters are written by consultants who are paid a lot of money or you can choose somebody who sometimes doesn't say it the way that the analysts would like it to be said. but here is the thing. when are the analysts going to stop trying to define this presidential candidate that the american people have said that they want put in the spotlight instead of somebody so packaged? >> you are not the kind of person who would stand up and make fun of a disabled american. donald trump is. he did it. >> i have a special needs son but i'm also not the kind of person that will get all upset about somebody saying something that you know good and well they didn't mean as opposed to somebody who is going to risk our national security, lie under oath and do all the other criminal activities that obama and hillary have taken part in. >> and mercy for the final word. >> i think for donald trump the
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anti-pc does work, however, to broaden the base, there is a need and i think rick talked about it about the sense of tolerance, kindness, being a little more diplomatic to a certain september extent, other can't win a general election. sfwr have to leave it there. great discussion. coming up, my birthday gift to president obama. this is humira. great discussion. coming up, my birthday gift to president obama. >sfwr have to l. great discussion. coming up, my birthday gift to president obama.
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. great week, everybody. time to weighiake up, america. i want to wish president obama a very happy and belated birthday. and i want to give him a birthday present. i'm sending him a copy of my book wake up america which just made the prestigious "new york times" best seller lift for the fifth consecutive week. but the fact is i've been inspired to call a road map for america. so inspired i actually dedicated
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wake up america to president obama. i did literally. happy birthday, mr. president. hope you read the book. you just might learn something. have a great weekend, everybody. hillary clinton taking scrutiny over remarks she made to chris wallace. and donald trump in a key battleground state trying to's reverse clinton's bump in the polls. and concert catastrophe, dozens of concert goers hurt after a railing collapses at a new jersey rap concert. >> and america goes for the gold in rio. we'll speak to a former olympic gold medalist. thank you for spending your saturd


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